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  • KickStrap Reviews - Stop Drum Sliding

    Does KickStrap work? Check out this review of Kickstrap for drummers. Drum sliding problems? Hi hat sliding? Auxiliary pedal or double bass pedal sliding? Stop the creep with KickStrap from drums. Check out this review of KickStrap.
  • Neil Peart on Music Marketing – ‘It’s a Sad Mess’

    Sometime maybe you can explain how Rush – and, by extension, all popular musicians – adjusted to the changes in marketing music. It wasn’t so hard when the end product was a vinyl LP. The record company produces X, sells Y, and Z is the amount of return LPs.
  • KickStrap - How to Use Video

    This is a video demonstrating the use of KickStrap. How to use the KickStrap to stop drum slide, hi hat slide or slave pedal slide. KickStrap is an invention for drummers. Fits in a drummers stick bag so you don't have to carry a carpet. KickStrap is a solution to stop all drums and drum pedals from sliding.
  • How Stop Drum, Hi Hat and Auxiliary Pedals From Moving

    I've been a semi pro drummer for over 30 years now. How time flies! I've played bars, clubs, weddings, parties, coffee houses, medium to large stages and everything in between. I've been to places where I could barely fit my drum set and other stages where I could fit a Neil Peart size kit. In my early days of drumming, playing 4 to 5 gigs per week in Los Angeles, being 20 something years old, I learned that out of all the stuff I had to pack 9 times out of 10 I'd forget my carpet. I had a dedicated carpet for my drums which wasn't too terribly large but I'd still inevitably forget it. I'd get the gig and either find a door mat or chefs mat to use. If I couldn't find something to use I'd end up yelling at my bass player to hold my bass drum with his foot.
  • Easy Ukulele Songs For Beginners

    When playing ukulele as a beginner we recommend you start off with 3 basic chords. Once you learn the chord progressions switching between those you can add the fourth later. The 3 super simple basic chords are Am, C, F, and these three chords make up hundreds of popular ukulele songs.
  • Marijuana is Still Leading Cause of Drum Circles

    Researchers believe this study will provide a deeper understanding into how marijuana may act as a gateway to instruments like bongos and cow
  • Daisy Rock Guitar Packages by Benson Music Shop

    Daisy Rock guitar packages by Benson Music Shop are the perfect gift for your daughter.
  • KickStrap is an Essential Stick Bag Must Have for Jeff Randall

    Nashville pro drummer Jeff Randall's 10 Things to Have in Your Stick Bag


  • Art Blakey - The Musical Drummer

    As a bandleader and drummer, Blakey always played in the most musical way. He always served the song. Wynton Marsalis said, "On the 8th day, God created Art Blakey."
  • Why Did You Start to Play Music?

    When I was five years old my uncle would rehearse his band in the living room of our house. My uncle was a guitar player but when the band would come over the drums were my focus! The bass drum would just hit me right in the heart. I can still remember the “thump” it would create in my chest.
  • Swing, Bop and Jazz Drummers Timeline

    It's good to know your history. As an artist you want to push "the boundaries" but how can you push boundaries if you don't know what and who defined them previously? Every generation pushes and hopefully expands and adds to what came before. Following is a list and timeline of Swing, Be Bop and Jazz drummers.
  • Tommy Rickard

    Tommy Rickard is a working drummer, singer and songwriter who got his start in the S.F. Bay Area in the ‘80s. After playing punk shows in high school, he joined Vain, landed a record contract and began touring. After few years with Vain, he went on to play with Eric Martin, Ronnie Montrose, Linda Perry and many others.