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News for musicians

  • Why Did You Start to Play Music?

    When I was five years old my uncle would rehearse his band in the living room of our house. My uncle was a guitar player but when the band would come over the drums were my focus! The bass drum would just hit me right in the heart. I can still remember the “thump” it would create in my chest.
  • Tommy Rickard

    Tommy Rickard is a working drummer, singer and songwriter who got his start in the S.F. Bay Area in the ‘80s. After playing punk shows in high school, he joined Vain, landed a record contract and began touring. After few years with Vain, he went on to play with Eric Martin, Ronnie Montrose, Linda Perry and many others.
  • John Anthony Turner

    John Anthony Turner John Anthony Turner is an extraordinary drummer with intense focus and rock solid groove. I had the opportunity to see John pla...
  • Ronald "Dardenboy" Darden - Drummer

    “Chris Coleman said, “I never play for competition. I play because I love to play”. That really blew my mind because I had never heard a kid talk like that.”