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  • Recording Drums with punk band Sacripolitical. KickStrap holds my bass solid.

    Recording drums with punk rock band Sacripolitical. I'm using KickStrap to hold my bass drum from sliding.

    #kickstrap #drumming #recording

  • Art Blakey - The Musical Drummer

    As a bandleader and drummer, Blakey always played in the most musical way. He always served the song. Wynton Marsalis said, "On the 8th day, God created Art Blakey."
  • Why Did You Start to Play Music?

    When I was five years old my uncle would rehearse his band in the living room of our house. My uncle was a guitar player but when the band would come over the drums were my focus! The bass drum would just hit me right in the heart. I can still remember the “thump” it would create in my chest.