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Easy Ukulele Songs For Beginners

Article Sourced From StringVibe

With a Ukulele not only will you make noticeable progress faster but you’ll enjoy the journey too. Easy ukulele songs that you can play with just 4 chords!

The 4 Chords You Need to Play Beginner Ukulele Songs

When playing ukulele as a beginner we recommend you start off with 3 basic chords. Once you learn the chord progressions switching between those you can add the fourth later. The 3 super simple basic chords are Am, C, F, and these three chords make up hundreds of popular ukulele songs. 


A Minor

Ukulele A Minor Chord


C Major

Ululele C Chord


F Major

Ukulele F Chord

Pretty easy right? The C and A minor chords require a single fret to be held down, and the F chord simply requires you to add the 1st fret of the E (2nd) String to the A Minor chord.

The G chord involves 3 fingers, but most players find the chord shape to be simple and easy to learn.

Guitarist will recognize the shape of the G chord as the same as that of a D Major chord on a six-string guitar.


G Major

Ukulele G Chord

With these four easy chords you’ll be able to play all of the songs on this list (and a number that we didn’t have space to include!).

 30 Easy Ukulele Songs For Beginners

Now that you know the 4 chords you need we want you to remember a few things before you start playing. Make these songs as easy to play as possible when learning them by simply strumming 4 down-strokes per bar. If that is too difficult simply play one down strum, but make sure you are tapping your foot to keep time!


1. Riptide – Vance Joy


2.  Birdplane – The Axis of Awesome 


3. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz


4. Love the Way You Lie – Eminem ft. Rihanna


5. Hey Soul Sister – Train (C,G, Am, F)

Hey Soul Sister is simply one of our absolute favorite songs to play while learning the ukulele. This upbeat hit was made for the instrument.  

6. Save Tonight – Eagle Eye Cherry  

7. Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars


8. It’s my Life – Bon Jovi


9. Stay – Rihanna


10. Self Esteem – The Offspring

11. All of the Stars – Ed Sheeran 


12. Pokerface – Lady Gaga


13. The Hanging Tree – Hunger Games


14. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey


15. All Along the Watchtower – Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix


16. She Will Be Loved – Maroon Five


17. Counting Stars – One Republic 

Counting Stars was such a popular song in recent years that it had to be on this list. Plus, this lesson is done by one of our favorite online ukulele teachers!


18. Let it Be – The Beatles


19. I Still Haven’t Found what I’m Looking For – U2  


20. Down Under – Men at Work


21. Leaving on a Jet Plane – Jonh Denver 


22. Complicated – Avril Lavigne

23. Octopus’s Garden – The Beatles


24. Kids – MGMT


25. Whistle – Flo Rida


26. Double Rainbow – The Gregory Brothers


27. Cane Fire – Peter Moon Band

One of the few Hawaiian songs that is simple enough for beginning ukulele players!

28. Paparazzi – Lady Gaga


29. It’s a Heartache – One Groove 


30. One Love – Bob Marley 

Last but not least. A song that needs no introduction buy surely every musician should know, the amazing “One Love”, by Bob Marley !

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