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Daisy Rock Guitar Packages by Benson Music Shop

Your child wants a great electric guitar but you don't what you need? Guitar, amp, cord, case, picks. These Daisy Rock guitar packs were put together with just this in mind. A one stop order. They come with everything needed to plug in and play. Daisy Rock Guitars are high quality guitars especially designed for slim hands. Perfect guitars for girls. Endorsed by artists such as The Bangles, Sugarland and many more.

What makes Daisy Rock Guitars different from other standard size/shape guitars?  For starters, our guitars have slim neck profile. This makes for easier playing for people with smaller hands. Our guitars are also lightweight so they won't overpower you if you have a small build. Another really great feature of our guitars is the contour in the body design. The guitars are extremely comfortable and lie perfectly across your body. Not to mention that they sound and look great on stage! Overall, Daisy Rock Guitars are designed specifically for girls and are a perfect fit for female guitarists.


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