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How Stop Drum, Hi Hat and Auxiliary Pedals From Moving

How to Stop Your Kick Drum and Hi Hat Stand From Moving

I've been a semi pro drummer for over 30 years now. How time flies! I've played bars, clubs, weddings, parties, coffee houses, medium to large stages and everything in between. I've been to places where I could barely fit my drum set and other stages where I could fit a Neil Peart size kit. In my early days of drumming, playing 4 to 5 gigs per week in Los Angeles, being 20 something years old, I learned that out of all the stuff I had to pack 9 times out of 10 I'd forget my carpet. I had a dedicated carpet for my drums which wasn't too terribly large but I'd still inevitably forget it. I'd get the gig and either find a door mat or chefs mat to use. If I couldn't find something to use I'd end up yelling at my bass player to hold my bass drum with his foot. 

Then, after I was a little older and focused enough to always remember my carpet I found that with my vintage Slingerland drum kit the kick drum spurs were thin and didn't do a great job at holding my kick drums. Also, some venues were small and I could only get my kick drum on a small piece of carpet but my hi hat would slide. Then, one time I had the good fortune to do a short tour where the drums were back lined for me at each gig. I wouldn't have to bring anything but my sticks and cymbals! Heaven! Well, lo and behold, the back line kits would slide about. Either the hi hat would move, the kick drum would move or both. At this point I figured there has got to be something I can come up with that would fit in my stick bag or even my pocket and would be at the ready to hold my kick drum or hi hat from sliding if needed. After working for a few years to come up with a good design I finally landed on what I call the KickStrap. I designed the KickStrap to work with any pedal device so that it even works with "slave" or auxiliary pedals. Think double bass or tambourine pedals. Many slave pedals have velcro on the bottom but the velcor wears out in short order and no matter how thick of a carpet you have it sides. KickStrap is designed with a heavy duty stainless steel attachment plate which clips onto the front of your pedal. I you're using KickStrap for your bass drum all you do is tighten the pedal onto the rim of your drum as you normally would. The KickStrap is adjustable for how far you sit back from your set. Adjust the length of the strap and hook the stainless steel hook at the other end to the center post of your drum throne. It's as simple as that. You anchor your own drum! KickStrap fits in your stick bag or actually will fit into your pocket. It's very compact and definitively works. No extra rubber feet needed. No extra spikes, 2x4's or duct tape. KickStrap holds any drum or pedal device from sliding. Check out the videos below and click on link to order yours today. Only $29.95 and you will solve your drum sliding issues for life. Even if a carpet works well for you there will always be a time when you will deal with either your kick, hi hat or slave pedal sliding out from you. Have the KickStrap in your stick bag as a great instant back up for just those emergencies. A drummers solution to an annoying problem. KickStrap.


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