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Room Mics - sE Electronics


Whether for an in-studio session or an on-stage "crowd mic", the room mic needs to clearly capture the sound of the space around it. Typically blended with close-mic tracks, it can often be the perfect "glue" that holds a mix together.

Serious sound at an affordable price.

The X1 S (cardioid)

"The X1 S also shows class here by being remarkably round, balanced and almost warm. Together with the uncolored and distortion-free character, the suitability as an all-rounder is again shown."



The next step up for clarity and performance.
vr2 microphone by se electronics


(866) 540-1616 for best pricing

"The VR mics immediately reveal their extended HF range, especially when placed alongside other ribbon mics. In fact they would stand out less in among a set of condensers." 

- Robbie Stamp, Future Music / Music Radar

● ● ●   PRO
The best sound that money can buy.

Gemini II

"The mic is an absolute pleasure - easily competes with mics at twice the price point. Really warm and rich, yet plenty of high end sparkle. While some folks might consider it primarily a vocal mic, I've had some of my best results on acoustic instruments."

- Bennett Dean Lewis, Guitarist (Maren Morris, Of Montreal) - sE Artist

The RNR1

" comparison with a number of other well‑known ribbon mics in the tests at AIR, the RNR1 presented a real sense of 'air' and definition. At the same time, though, the character of the sound was unmistakably 'ribbon' — warm and comfortable to listen to, with a smooth, non‑fatiguing character."

- Paul White, Sound On Sound (full review)

Benson Music Shop recording mics

The RNT 

(866) 540-1616 for best pricing

"I've worked with the best microphones in the world, and this is one of them now. It's great."

- Simon Franglen, Composer / Producer ('Avatar', 'Titanic', 'Skyfall') - sE Artist