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Electric Guitar Cabinet Mics - sE Electroniics


An electric guitar cab is LOUD - so your mic needs to be able to handle super-high SPLs. It also needs to capture the raw edge of a guitar without becoming harsh or abrasive.

Serious sound at an affordable price.

The X1 A

"In the bass, the X1 A is full...loud sound sources such as guitar amps are no problem."

- Carsten Kaiser,

Benson music shop recording mics

The X1 R (call for availability)

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"Electric guitar sounded great right away — I got pretty much what I was hearing in the room from the amp even before thinking about adding EQ. I award it full marks in this role."

- Paul White, Sound On Sound (full review)

V7 X

"The V7 X has a weight and a thickness to the low-end; it’s really an excellent-sounding microphone, and it’s really efficient in the upper mids.”

- Andy Meyer, FOH Engineer (Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Guns N’ Roses, Rage Against The Machine) - sE Artist

The next step up for clarity and performance.

The X1 S

"The X1 S also shows class here by being remarkably round, balanced and almost warm. Together with the uncolored and distortion-free character, the suitability as an all-rounder is again shown."

- (full review - German)



"I’m a songwriter, not an engineer, and whatever gets me there the quickest is what I’m going to use. That’s why I like this microphone - it’s a no-brainer!"

- Steve Stevens, guitarist (Billy Idol) - sE Artist

guitaRF® Reflexion Filter

"The filters are working an absolute treat! In terms of what it's doing sonically, it's made my ribbon mics really come to life. Got some screaming guitars out front now!"

- Mike Woodhouse, FOH Engineer (Catfish & The Bottlemen) - sE Artist

● ● ●   PRO
The best sound that money can buy.

The RNR1

"My favorite ribbon mic in the entire world...they have that lovely extension on the top end that normal ribbons don’t have, but still have all the characteristics that I love."

- Simon Franglen, Composer / Producer / Musician ('Avatar', 'Titanic', 'Skyfall') - sE Artist



"I'm looking for a mid-range [guitar] texture that the T2 gives me."

- Greg Price, FOH engineer (Black Sabbath) - sE Artist