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Cymbal Mics - sE Electronics


Recording overheads isn't all high frequencies: a great cymbal or overhead mic hears the sparkle and wash of the crash and ride, but it also hears the full mids and deep lows produced by the rest of the kit - crucial to a huge-sounding drum mix.

Serious sound at an affordable price.


“Sounds like a wickedly expensive high-end microphone...”

"The sound leaves no wish unanswered in any application."

- Planet Music & Media


The X1 S

"The X1 S also shows class here by being remarkably round, balanced and almost warm. Together with the uncolored and distortion-free character, the suitability as an all-rounder is again shown."

- (full review - German)


The next step up for clarity and performance.



"These ribbons are magic on overheads."

- Jack Douglas, Producer/Engineer (Aerosmith, John Lennon)





"For alt-J, I use the sE4400a on drums...the 4400a offers a nice picture of the entire drum kit, adding depth and clarity with smooth high frequencies."

- Lance Reynolds, FOH (alt-J) - sE Artist



● ● ●   PRO
The best sound that money can buy.

The RN17

"The RN17 has become my desert island microphone. If there was one microphone I knew I could take with me that would get me out of trouble, it’s this...The clarity and the detail I get is wonderful, especially for one of the things I do a lot of, which is sampling - this is a perfect sampling microphone, because it has that reality that you need, with low noise, but it also has just a little bit of extra something."

- Simon Franglen, GRAMMY®-winning Composer / Producer / Musician ('Avatar', 'Titanic', 'Skyfall') - sE Artist

The RNR1 (call for availbility)

(866) 540-1616

"The RNR1 is the next level in ribbon mic design; it's simply the most detailed sounding ribbon mic I’ve ever heard."

- John O'Mahony, Mixer / Producer (Vance Joy, Sarah Bareilles, Coldplay, Metric) - sE Artist

Benson Music Shop recording microphones

The RNT 

(call for availability)

(866) 540-1616

"I've worked with the best microphones in the world, and this is one of them now. It's great."

- Simon Franglen, Composer / Producer ('Avatar', 'Titanic', 'Skyfall') - sE Artist