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  • Jeff Randall

    Jeff Randall is a professional drummer living in Nashville, Tn. He’s toured with artists ranging from Phillip Phillips to Love & Theft. When not on the road, Jeff stays busy with local gigs, teaching, and creating drum lessons and grooves for his popular YouTube and Instagram channels. Jeff’s “deep pocket” groove, professional attitude and strong work ethic keep his gig calendar full.

  • Sean England

    I love playing original music first and foremost. So, as a drummer, I feel I’m always looking for a songwriter. I don’t write songs. So whether I’m playing a Led Zeppelin song or a song written by Sebastian St. James of Highway Poets, (an original Sonoma County band) I’m always looking for someone who can write a song.
  • UnContained Studios

    Through synchronistic circumstances a mutual vision is being realized. Gary Violin, Izzy and an inventive team of musicians, song writers, musical composers, arrangers and visual artists have built an amazing studio that will give you unsurpassed production without breaking your bank or rushing your creative process. High quality with integrity is at the forefront of their vision. Not to mention an amazing drum booth!
  • Andy Graham

    An interview with Andy Graham, an amazing musician, inventor, and performer from Northern California. He is known for his World fusion solo performances where he plays drums while playing the aboriginal didgeridoo using a special rack system he invented himself.
  • Nick Hayes

    Nick Hayes Nick Hayes is a professional touring drummer with the Eric Gales Band. Nick’s drumming career started at a young age when drumming grav...
  • Hulk Drummer

    I first met Hulk Drummer at the NAMM show in 2015. His presence is somewhat imposing and his stature could even be intimidating. But as soon as you feel his aurora and speak, even briefly with him his amazing humbleness, gentleness and grounded energy flow through.
  • Dorian Randolph

    Dorian Randolph Out soon Dorian Randolph's new single on @deltaca_music Pre-save Here Mr. Randolph - Just A Number Dorian's Instagram click here ...
  • Tosh "The Drummer"

    My whole thing is that I practice all the time and I still do practice all the time. All day every day. And I just wanted to be so good that I could play anything. I think that’s really important. And it’s also really important to have your own style..
  • Dwayne "Gummi Bear" Berry

    Nobody’s going to do it for you. Once I finally realized that and started taking initiative and making moves on my own my gig schedule shot up immediately.
  • Scott "America" Bailey

    Scott was competing for fastest feet. He placed 3rd from a pool of many contestants. After watching his amazing feet (pun intended:) we wanted to learn more from Scott and also gave him a KickStrap for his slave pedal.