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Snare Drum Mics - sE Electronics


Snare drum requires a mic that can handle very high SPLs, and will accurately capture the "thwack" that makes a snare a snare. These mics can take a sonic beating and still provide all the dynamics and depth you need for a huge sound.

Serious sound at an affordable price.


"They manage to sound punchy without ever being over-harsh in the presence region...its presence peak is nice and broad, which avoids adding nasal-sounding coloration while still delivering a reasonably airy sound that cuts through."

- Sound On Sound, Feb 2017

● ● ●   PRO
The best sound that money can buy.


“Great, natural-sounding mic…making my drums sound AMAZING. I would recommend these in the studio, live, everywhere. Just a great sounding microphone.”

- Aaron Draper, Percussionist (John Mayer, Adele, Rhianna)

V7 X

“We have a detuned snare out here, and we’ve been searching for something for a while, and by applying the V7 X we get that super depth that hits you right in the gut, along with a nice crack too. It’s been fantastic."

- Andy Meyer, FOH Engineer (Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Guns N’ Roses, Rage Against The Machine) - sE Artist