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KickStrap Testimonials

"Because of KickStrap I'm becoming a better drummer. I no longer worry about my hi hat or kick drum moving. I truly appreciate KickStrap" - John Anthony Turner (FunkYardX)

"No more bringing a carpet to go under my kit to shows! I toss KickStraps in my stick bag and they go to every performance with me. I couldn't be happier" - Tammy Mitchell Woods

Just got through playing a gig with a vintage 68 Ludwig. My spikes didn’t hold well. My kick ran into the mic. Fortunately I had a kickstrap in my stickbag.
– Ronnie

KickStrap has help immensely with the forward movement of my kick drum. I still like to carry a carpet but sometimes my kick would still move forward.
– Freddy

Works fantastic even if your throne isn’t directly in line with the pedals.
– Trevor

Best, easiest, and most convenient way to keep your bass drum solidly in the same place. Also provides a consistent distance to your throne from show to show...
– Garth

Killer item to keep the bass drum from moving!
– Sandi

amazing product
– Riley

Great service and speed of service as well. I wasn’t sure which model I needed and they definitely made sure I obtained the correct product. It’s prefect and...
– John Taylor

I always keep this reliable device with me!!! I love it! My bass drum never slides anymore!
– Jared

Awesome simple device that works! Bass drum doesn’t creep even while playing 1000mph speed metal. Worth every penny
– Ryan

If you are are hard hitter, this is for you. I bring this to all shows, regardless if the stage is carpeted. Your kick drum sliding days are over. Easy to us...
– Doug

This is a great, well produced product. I use it on every gig now and wish I would have had a KickStrap years ago!! Thank you again !!
– Michael

I have found the strap to be as advertised. That is not a sliding bass drum. For the record, I am using an 18″ bass drum
– Joseph

This strap has saved me countless times. Not thinking about my kick sliding during a gig is one less worry. Would recommend to anyone who wants that added sa...
– Jordan

Kickstrap works. No complaints.
– Robert

Great product; works exactly as designed. A great solution to probably the most frustrating problem on a gig!
– Chad

Pleasant to deal with. Kickstrap works great.
– Anthony

Awesome product and great company. Customer service is exceptional and I use the Kick Strap on multiple sets. It does a fantastic job keeping kick and HiHat ...
– James
I’m amazed how well this works for my double bass pedal. My pedal will not move again!
– George
The kickstrap is an excellent product that I wish I would have found years ago! Instantly fixed my bass drum from sliding and can now fully focus on playing ...
– Jamie
Finally setup my sons drumset and installed the kickstrap.  Works great.  Thanks so much for all your help.  I actually have two straps in use.  Behind the accoustic set is an electronic set with a strap as well.