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Hear the sE Electronics V-Pack Microphones for Drum Kits - Listen Here

Benson Music Shop now carries sE Electronics microphones. Our best seller is the V Pack Drum Mic Kits - Available for Arena, Venue and Club Kits.

From classic to modern:
Four switchable sonic voicings.

Two switches on the rear side of the V KICK allow you four different sound settings, great for tailoring the sound for your specific project – and ideal for live shows with multiple bands and short changeovers. And since they’re on the back of the mic, these switches are still accessible even if the V KICK is placed inside a kick drum.

With the V KICK, you can always make the right choice with just a single microphone.


Classic Full Kit:
Classic Solo:
Modern + Classic Full Kit:
Modern Solo:
The most compact kick drum mic on the market. The V KICK’s extremely low profile allows for effortless placement outside or inside a kick drum, and its integrated swivel joint allows for easy positioning inside (through the drum head port) or outside the kick drum. Get the V-PACKS Here: