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Benson Music Shop - Interviews

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Benson Music Shop is owned by Gary Benson. A drummer for over 40 years, Berklee College of Music alumni and pro musician.

Benson Music Shop offers a variety of music gear. 

Introducing the Interview Series Here

99.9% of musicians are out there working and struggling to do what they love. Let's face it, only a very small portion actually "make it" to earn millions $ and bask in the limelight. The majority of musicians are in the trenches battling daily to do what they love! That's why Benson Music Shop in conjunction with KickStrap is talking with the "real" musicians and finding out about their trials, passion and motivations in doing what they love.

We publish interviews with musicians who may not be a public name but are none the less providing, sharing and spreading music, love and passion. Their stories are what's happening in the music world.

Not that we don't interview musicians that have "made it big". They, of course, have much knowledge, passion and wisdom to pass on. But our focus will be on the 1000's of musicians who don't get their stories heard as often as should be.

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