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SPINBAL Story - by Guy Juravich

THE STORY: Spinbal is not only a new accessory for drummers and percussionists but also a new discovery and method for players of all genres. The discovery of rich vibrato and tremolo from spinning cymbals was inspired by the circular motion of a thrown lasso rope as observed by drummer Guy Juravich, our founder and chief designer, while on tour in Dallas, Texas in 2013. Initially, Guy began spinning his cymbals as an exciting performance technique by engaging audiences with kinetic spinning, just as lasso artists do. Shortly after he noticed a rich vibrato tone emanating from the spinning cymbals but was limited by the fact that existing cymbal holders are simply not designed to spin. Existing cymbal holders, when spun, result in a disappointing spin-time of less than a minute. This is the problem Spinbal has been designed to rectify.


Guy returned to Philadelphia after that tour and immediately began experimenting with different methods of spinning cymbals. These attempts included using oils, grease and other lubricants, incorporating the electrical and mechanical spindles of vinyl turntables, lazy susans, spinning toys, etc. Finding no solution, Guy was forced to return to the general workforce and found himself tending bar while auditioning for new musical and theatrical contracts. It was during this downtime of 2014-2015 that Guy had his major breakthrough, his “ah-ha”, “light bulb” moment: Caught off guard by a rogue South Street skateboarder, he found himself in a pile of his own groceries with a spinning skateboard wheel literally inches from his face. It was at this moment that Guy realized that the internal diameter of a skateboard bearing is the same as most cymbal stands: 8 millimeters.

Reinvigorated with this discovery, Guy immediately reached out a physicist friend for theoretical advice on mass, inertia, momentum and the Doppler shift. It took less than a week to settle on a design which Guy immediately had 3D-printed. The prototype was a success and spin-time increased to well over 10 minutes! Additionally, Guy discovered that with the addition of a sizzle-chain, Spinbal is also a white-noise maker, resulting in rain-like tone akin to snare drum brush work. During this time Guy also became aware of the potential for kinetic art on cymbals; a new design medium resulted! This exploration into patinas led Guy to find the perfect product for the job: the DIY Cymbal Patina Solution. After 18 months of research in the fields of fine art and jewelry, the solution is by far the easiest and safest on the market today. ABOUT OUR FOUNDER Guy Juravich is a seasoned drummer with over 15 years of studio and touring experience. Guy began playing drums at 10 years old and received formal instruction through the jazz program of Amherst Regional High School in Amherst, Massachusetts. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Bishop’s University (Sherbrooke, Quebec) in Cultural Theory, Communications, Media Studies and Sociology. Throughout his degree, Guy performed and recorded with numerous bands including Snap Caravan, The Massawippi Skank, The Unusual Suspects and Big in China. After school Guy moved to Montreal, Quebec and continued to perform with The Massawippi Skank and Big in China. He added The Parasite Orchestra and Left Side Neighbour to his touring roster. These years in Montreal led to a brief residence in Toronto, Ontario to record with The Staycation. Guy returned to the US and toured nationally with both Crazyfish (Rolling Stones Tribute) and The Pretty Things Peepshow (Sideshow and Burlesque Variety Show). He also toured regionally around his new home of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with GrindCity, Boom, Big in Munich and Peru. Guy has performed an estimated 500 professional concerts throughout his 15 year career in dozens of cities throughout the US and Canada. He has performed at numerous international music festivals, helped manage booking and merchandising for many of his bands, and is a member of both SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) and ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). Outside of his musical career, Guy has held creative professional stints in voice acting, screen acting and journalism. Guy is also an accomplished barista and held the unique “latte artist in residence” position at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Guy’s ‘Bucket List’ includes meeting Marc Maron, Till Lindemann and Elon Musk as well as visiting the Tibetan Himalayan Mountains, the Alaskan Aleutian Islands and the Siberian Lake Baikal.


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