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Drumming through Shame and other stuff...

Tips on drumming and creation in general...

Drummers unite! I've been pounding the skins for over 40 years now! Always learning, always challenging, many times frustrating, always growing and expanding my world. 

I've learned and am learning to keep plowing through the frustration until I reach the other side. While practicing there were many times I wanted to just "give up" and quit because I felt it was "too challenging", "too hard" or I just couldn't "get it."

For me, a useful way to work through frustration and to keep moving on has been to:

1. Take a break, 5 to 15 mins.

2. After a break come back to your practice and keep going.

3. Repeat and repeat and repeat again.

4. Move on and learn. Don't give up! And that's not an "old school" adage.

In the "olden days" "don't give up" meant to grind yourself, chastise yourself and "man up". Be stoic and keep going no matter what! Great news! The best way to "keep going" is to be gentle with yourself. The harder you are on yourself the more your will fail. Don't chastise and don't grind yourself into the ground. Be gentle. Take breaks. Praise yourself. Rest. Reset. Keep going, establish perseverance and have fun! Don't berate yourself.  Each time you start again the possibilities are endless. You have begun anew!

Okay... I know what you're thinking. Stop with the 90's "new age" crap. Positive thinking sounds good but it doesn't work!  Well, that may be true, but this is not about positive thinking, it's about self acceptance.

Here's the thing....this is not "positive thinking". This is reality. You deserve the best!

(Time out: No one deserves "less" than anyone else.)

Time out for a Benson Rant:

We Can Succeed. I believe the main obstacle in front of us is SHAME! I have found the main thing which hinders my practice and my progress is shame. (feeling like I can't do it, I'm not good enough, I can do it but only up to a certain point..etc...) Shame tells me to give up. Shame tells me I'm not worthy. Shame tells me (after I try a few times and I don't get it perfect) that I can't do it. Don't get caught in this downward spiral. This will only serve to keep you down and wallowing in pity and sorrow.

We each have our own path to follow and our own learning curve. It matters not whether someone else can do something "better' or "quicker" or "faster". We all learn and play on our own terms at our own pace. There is no comparison.

What if Ringo compared himself to Neil Peart or Bill Bruford? He would have quit! The thing is Ringo is a great drummer because he is himself. Start to compare yourself and you start to fail. 

Your place and worth on this planet is the same as everyone else. You have as much "right" and deserve as much as anyone else deserves. You were born and there is never "wrong" or "shame" in being born. Like a tree, you may grow crooked because of outside influences but you should not be judged for your bent. You are You because you have chose to live and grow in the best ways you could given whatever adversity you faced. Everyone has a cross to bear. "Privileged" or "Underprivileged" we all struggle. The material gain in our lives does not alleviate the pain. The only gain is acceptance of self and in this way you will accept everyone else. As an old rock n roller once said, "I am he as you are me and we are all together".

That being said, back to drumming and KickStrap news....

KickStrap has received all 5 STAR reviews!

Facebook Group page KickStrap : Join up to post your drumming vids, pictures and drumming links. Recently created and growing.

KickStrap Instagram is connecting drummers through out the world. @Kickstrap

Welcome new endorsers:

John Anthony Turner

Tammy Mitchell-Woods

Ryan Blodgett

Scott Bailey

Brandon Combs

KickStrap experienced record online sales with new "Fire Straps" and the slave pedal Cajon KickStrap.

FireStraps were so popular that they sold out within 2 days of release! They are now on backorder and expected for end of March.

The KickStrap for Cajon using the special patented "cajon attachment" is now available online at

Bensonmusicshop carries new innovative gear not readily available. Check out new innovations Spinbal and Slapstick 

This years NAMM show was amazing,overwhelming, fun and inspirational. I'm happy we saw everyone and looking forward to connecting again next year!








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