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Carlsbro 3-Piece Junior E-Kit

Carlsbro 3-Piece Junior E-Kit

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The Carlsbro Rock 50, 3-piece junior electronic drum kit. Suitable for ages 5 years and upwards. Features one snare pad, one tom pad, one cymbal pad, one bass pedal, and a pair of drumsticks. The simplified Rock50 is perfect for junior drummers and beginners, with its small footprint, easy-to-assemble frame, and Carlsbro rock orange module design. The Rock50 drum kit can also be supplied as a package (ROCK50BP1) which includes a junior drum throne and a set of headphones, so you have everything you need in one box.

The Rock50 Module includes 108 different drum sounds, 10 preset drum kits, and 2 user-defined drum kits allowing you to explore and create your own personalized sound. The Module also features 10 Demo songs, a record and playback function, an aux-in socket so you can play along to your favorite songs, stereo headphone output, and a mono line output to connect to an external amplifier. The sound of the drum kit is delivered via the headphone socket to a set of headphones or to a drum amplifier via the line output.

  • 108 high-quality percussion voices.
  • 10 preset drum kits.
  • 2 user drum kits.
  • 10 demo songs.
  • Recording and playback facility.
  • Adjustable Metronome
  • Aux input...
  • Line output.
  • Headphone output.
  • 1 × Rock50 Sound Module.
  • 1 × 7” Snare pad
  • 1 × 7” Tom pad.
  • 1 × 8” cymbal.
  • 1 × Bass kick pedal.
  • 1 × Height adjustable tripod drum rack.
  • 1 × Pair of drumsticks.
  • 1 x Bass drum display box.