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Cafe Racer Drum Kit by Natal - Champagne Sparkle

Cafe Racer Drum Kit by Natal - Champagne Sparkle

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Café Racer - UF22 Professional Drum Kit
  • We’ve returned to the popular 7ply tulipwood shells of the 50s and 60s to give this kit its distinctive sound.
  • Thanks to the Tru-Tune tension rods, the Café Racer delivers excellent tones whether tuned high or low and has great versatility across the genres.
  • This kit is finished to a professional standard to support you wherever you choose to perform.

Be the source of envy with the Café Racer drum kit, complete with slightly rounded, hand-finished, 45 degree bearing edge shells. The kit exudes warmth and projection and delivers a great range of tones for a variety of drumming styles. As well as our signature, UK designed, chrome-plated sun lugs, the Café Racer features sturdy telescopic bass drum spurs and our specialist aluminium ball tom mounting system for extra kit stability and durability